in 2016, Trump feared throwing ‘pineapples’ and ‘tomatoes’ could ‘kill’

This testimony, known for six months, is part of a civil complaint by demonstrators of Mexican origin who accuse Donald Trump’s bodyguards of having assaulted them in September 2015, during a demonstration in Manhattan. , when he was a candidate in the Republican primaries the following year. The New York justice made public on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday the transcription of more than four hours of testimony, which the Daily Beast media was the first to echo.

“Yes, it’s dangerous”

According to this document, Donald Trump is questioned by plaintiffs’ lawyers about a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids in February 2016, where he told his supporters: “If you see someone ready to throw a tomato, smash him the mouth, you want well “. Asked whether it was “incitement to violence”, the 45th president of the United States justified himself by advocating self-defense, even if it meant using physical violence “to prevent someone from throwing pineapples, tomatoes, bananas, stuff like that, yes, it’s dangerous”.

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