in a hurry to get off his plane, he opens an emergency exit and jumps onto the tarmac

As his plane was taxiing to the correct terminal at Chicago airport, a passenger opened an emergency exit to slide over the wing and jump onto the tarmac, only to be arrested by police.

Funny scene at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in early May. After United Airlines flight 2478 from San Diego landed early in the morning on Thursday 5th, a man wanted to leave the plane before all the passengers.

As the aircraft taxied to its assigned gate to disembark, a 57-year-old passenger decided to open an emergency exit, slide down the wing and jump onto the tarmac. United Airlines, in a statement, confirmed the incident.

“Our ground crew arrested the individual outside the plane. (…) The plane then arrived at the boarding gate and all passengers disembarked safely,” writes the company. .

“He tried to guide the plane to the gate”

According to the police, the incident took place shortly before 5 a.m., as the plane approached the Terminal 1 gate. Several American media, including the Associated Press, report that when the individual on the tarmac, “he tried to guide the plane towards the gate”.

The 57-year-old man, a Californian, was taken into custody by Chicago police.

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