In Bergerac, dog poop can now cost you up to 750 euros

The mayor of Bergerac Jonathan Priaulaud wants cleaner streets. The mayor issued an order establishing a class 4 fine for not picking up dog waste on April 12. Its amount is therefore 135 euros. It can swell up to 750 euros, for example in the event of a recurrence.

12 kg of dog droppings collected every day

An amount assumed by the mayor. “Our cleaners are on the ground from four in the morning and we realize that by 8 am there is already dog ​​droppings. That’s what we want to prevent”, explains the aedile. Every day, the cleaners estimate that they pick up around 12 kg of dog droppings in the streets of Bergerac.

No collection bag, 38 euros

The decree also penalizes dog owners who go out without a collection bag. A fine of 38 euros is expected if you do not go out with the appropriate equipment to put the excrement of his animal in the trash. The mayor reminds that free bags are available in distributors at various places in the city as well as at the reception of the town hall.

The first fines can be drawn up in June. Until then, municipal police officers are instructed to doing some prevention with every dog ​​walker they meet.

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