In Morbihan, a house ravaged by the tenant’s animals, including a pony

published on Tuesday, May 03, 2022 at 10:02 am

Birds, guinea pigs, rabbits… A veritable menagerie had established itself in the house. The owner could only see the many damage caused by the animals.

It’s a real pet store that wandered around his house, in total freedom.

When he had finally recovered his property after two years of trying to evict his tenant, a Breton owner had the painful surprise to discover his house, located in Plaudren (56) completely devastated.

“I saw the pony come out the door”

Asked at the microphone of RTLthe owner could only see the many damage caused by the animals that lived in his stone building. “Animals lived in it. We had everything from birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats and the pony came into the house too.“.

In addition to animal droppings, foul odors and other damage, a garden where a second pony lived was also damaged. “There is a car wreck, there is scrap metal. He did not pay his rent. He owes us 10,800 euros”, specifies the unfortunate owner. The tenant meanwhile fled at the end of the eviction procedures, leaving the keys to the house, but taking his animals.

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