In Plouarzel, a young puppy stolen Friday from the beard of its owner – Plouarzel

A young 4-month-old male Miniature American Shepherd puppy with a tricolor red coat was stolen thanks to a well-established scheme on Friday, around 12:30 p.m., on the edge of Porsévigné beach, in Plouarzel. It belongs to Nathalie, self-entrepreneur from Brest.

While the latter was returning from a walk, and when she had just attached the puppy to the passenger seat of her single-seater, the window wide open, a couple arrived to ask for information. The entrepreneur was then in the back of the vehicle, ready to load another dog into a transport crate. The man moved away to telephone. The woman asked the entrepreneur questions about her services, and showed her pictures of her own dog on her phone.

The severed strap

When the couple left in a white utility vehicle, Nathalie noticed, as she got into her car, that the strap holding the puppy had been cut and the animal had disappeared.

A complaint was lodged with the Saint-Renan gendarmerie. The woman had brown hair tied in a ponytail. Tall and very thin, with short, slicked back brown hair, the man wore black jeans and a grey/black polo shirt. La Brestoise could only see the unglazed rear of the white van, equipped with a trailer hitch.


People with any information that could help the investigation progress are invited to contact the Saint-Renan gendarmerie, on 02 98 84 21 13.

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