In the United States, large companies dragged into the battle of abortion – Liberation

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While the Supreme Court should repeal the right to abortion at the federal level in June, large companies, often present in both conservative and progressive states, fear that they will soon have to choose their side.

When you weigh more than 250 billion dollars, when you have the nerve to make fun of Joe Biden on social networks and want to buy Twitter for “to restore freedom of expression there”, no taboo subject should be feared. Not even that of the right to abortion, which is tearing America apart more than ever. And yet… In 2021, Elon Musk, saying he was tired of California’s “woke” laws, had begun the transfer of a large part of his SpaceX and Tesla companies to Texas, a Republican state and stronghold of Trumpism, which came, thanks to the complicit silence of the Supreme Court, to outright prohibit abortion beyond six weeks of pregnancy under penalty of civil lawsuits against doctors and any “accomplice”.

For any comment, the multi-billionaire troublemaker, suddenly on the defensive, then tweeted “that he wanted the state to enter as little as possible into people’s lives, but preferred not to get involved in politics”. These dodges are less easy today, …


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