Jacqueline dies after being attacked by seven dogs she was investigating… for events that occurred a week earlier

In the state of Alabama in the United States, since 2018 Emily’s Law has made owners of dangerous dogs responsible for the actions of their animals. Concretely, if a dog seriously injures or kills a person, its owner can be sent to prison. This rule had emerged following the death of Emily Colvin, a 24-year-old student mutilated to death outside her home by dogs. It is in his honor that the law was thus named.

Sadly, this weekend, Emily’s Law had to be invoked once again following the death of Jacqueline Summer Beard. The 58-year-old lady was attacked to death by the dogs of 39-year-old Brandy Dowdy. The latter was therefore charged with manslaughter and imprisoned without the possibility of leaving on bail.

Jacqueline, an agent for the Alabama Department of Public Health, the 50-year-old was investigating an attack a week earlier by the same dogs (a woman had been attacked while walking along the road, she is still in quite a serious condition). Unfortunately, she never came back. It was finally the police who discovered his body, totally mutilated. In total, seven dogs attacked her. “The animals were immediately euthanized,” authorities report.


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