Jürgen Klopp violently tackles Tottenham

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Held in check by Tottenham (1-1), this Saturday, on the occasion of the 36th day of the Premier League, Liverpool lost two precious points in the race for the title. Leaders of the championship while awaiting the result of Manchester City which challenges Newcastle at 6:30 p.m., the Reds have nevertheless ensured the essentials by equalizing through Luis Diaz. Present at the press conference, Jürgen Klopp also preferred to retain the positive of this meeting but did not hesitate to sting the Spurs, guilty, according to him, of constantly wasting time to preserve the score.

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“What do I think of Tottenham’s possession (36%)? I’m sorry, but I’m not the right person to ask about this because I don’t like this kind of football. But that’s my personal problem. Despite all the praise for Tottenham, a world class opponent, they won against City – the game works for those games but they’re still fifth and for everything they’ve done they’ve wasted time – it doesn’t make it any easier no, it’s smart but not easy. […] In those moments we could have been better and in better positions but other than that it’s just incredibly difficult to play against an opponent with a world class manager and a whole week to prepare – we all play the three days, it’s so tricky, but I’m really happy with the performance”thus launched the coach of the Reds in front of the journalists.

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