Liège is waiting for its panoramic #restaurant with an incredible view of the city

For a drink or a bite to eat, the trend is for rooftops, these roof terraces that allow you to sip a cocktail or enjoy small chic dishes in an overhanging position. In Liège, three spots are currently competing for aperitif time with a view: Yust soon to open at Guillemins, the Grand Poste and L’atelier du Selys.

But a major project, once completed, should finally make everyone agree. The programmed reassignment of the “Basilica of Cointe” (including a large climbing hall) is progressing. Just like the restaurant concept that it includes… with a panoramic view culminating at an additional twenty meters on the heights of Liège. The promise of an unbeatable position, for an exceptional catering space. “We want a restaurant with a breathtaking view“, confirms Fabrice Mirolo, one of the architects of SPRL Créative Architecture, who is working on the project.

While the exact shape of the space has not yet been determined – which will depend on ongoing discussions with AWAP and the Monuments and Sites Commission, as well as validation by the City – we already know that the “ restoration” will have the touch of a great chef. Indeed, Thomas Troupin, at the head of “Toma”, the best gastronomic restaurant in Liège today, will be consulted for this project. He is indeed already associated with the entrepreneur Roger Gehlen, who also carries, with his group, the “Basilique Experience”.

This is an ambitious prospect that promises to be a great asset for the Ardent City, in the near future.

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