Liga: Mauricio Pochettino could bounce back in Spain

Paris Saint-Germain may have won their tenth French championship, but the time is far from celebrating for the capital club. The workforce does not seem to have digested the elimination in the Champions League against Real Madrid, and is struggling to find the necessary motivation for the end of the championship.

Mauricio Pochettino fails to re-motivate his troops and his future could be one of the main reasons why. Even if he has one year left on his contract, the trend seems to be towards the departure of the Argentinian technician. According to our colleagues from the team, his name would be of interest in Spain.

Athletic Bilbao, current eighth in La Liga, would think of the Argentinian – who has kept a big coast in Spain – to replace Marcelino at the end of the contract this summer. “Contacts have already been made with Pochettino“, says L’Equipe. A club a priori less flashy than the teams mentioned a few weeks ago and which is not certain to play a European Cup the previous season, but which remains an institution on the other side. of the Pyrenees.

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