lose up to 5 pounds a week with water

How much water should you drink a day to lose weight? Is it possible ? We’ve all heard that water helps with weight loss. But how much water do you need if you want to lose belly fat?

Most diets have one condition – you have to consume plenty of water

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Logically, water, which represents about 66% of total body weight, is very useful in the fight against weight gain. There are different rules to follow when it comes to water consumption. Keep in mind that excessive water consumption can lead to an imbalance of salt content in the body. Potassium levels could also be affected. This leads to vomiting, fatigue, nausea and headaches.

The general rule

How much water to drink per day by weight ? More the heavier you are, the more water you need to drink to lose weight. It is best to always follow the 8×8 rule. According to her, one should consume 8 glasses of 8 ounces each day (one ounce equals approximately 240 milliliters of water). This equates to 2 liters of water a day – the amount your body needs if you want to lose weight.

Water consumption varies from person to person

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Of course, other factors such as sports level, diet and sleep must also be taken into account. Always drink water before, during and after a workout. Post-workout dehydration contributes to headaches and dizziness.

What is the recommended minimum amount of water per day? Also, remember that water isn’t the only liquid you drink during the day, so you should take that into account. Drink more fruit juice, tea. Eat cucumbers, tomatoes, peaches, watermelons, oranges. And more – all of these foods and drinks are sources of water. Here’s a way to find out how much water you need to drink each day to lose weight.

Pay attention to your weight

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Convert your weight to pounds

Approximately 1 kilo is equivalent to 2.20 pounds. Multiply your weight by 2/3 pounds. This means that a 200 pound person should drink 133 ounces of water each day (200 x 2/3 = 133) or just under 4 liters of water.

Consider your physical activity

If you exercise for 30 minutes every day, for example, you should drink an additional 350 milliliters of water per day.

Training requires more water than usual

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Drink water, even if you are not thirsty

Feeling thirsty means your organs are sending a signal to the brain – that you’re already a little dehydrated. Consciously drink water throughout the day. There are even mobile apps that can remind you to drink water every hour.

If you exercise

Drink water before, during and after exercise. In case you don’t like clean water, use lemon, mint or citrus to taste it.

You have a choice, if you don’t like water

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How to lose 3 pounds a week

Hot water purifies

Water at a temperature of 60 degrees activates the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, helping to eliminate the load of toxins from the cells and speeding up the metabolism. The heat also slightly opens the pores of the skin and thus further removes toxins from the body.

Drink hot water with the juice of half a lemon before breakfast. Pour the juice and a teaspoon of grated zest with 250 ml of boiling water and leave to cool for a few minutes so as not to burn. The combination of heat and mild acid activates the entire digestive system in the morning.

Warm water saturates

You can quickly drink large amounts of water alone with a temperature of about 30 degrees. Unlike very hot water (like coffee or tea) or very cold water (iced tea), it does not cause a shutdown alarm in the brain. It is therefore not a problem to drink a large glass of water.

  • Directions: 15 minutes before eating, drink at least 300 ml of lukewarm water, as quickly as possible, in large sips. The amount of water stretches the stomach wall and sends a signal of satiety.

With this trick, you save 104 calories per meal and lose up to 5 kilos per week!

Cold water burns calories

A glass of cold water (8 degrees) speeds up metabolism by 3%. The effect occurs 10 minutes after drinking and lasts for about 30 minutes. The body must warm water to body temperature (approximately 37 degrees) before cells can absorb and use it. This process consumes a huge amount of energy, burns fat from their deposits.

  • How to drink it: Drink at least 5 glasses of ice water during the day. Mix 200 ml of water with 1 to 3 ice cubes.

Drinking cold water regularly causes the body to burn a lot of calories

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Reasons to drink water on an empty stomach

According to the Japanese, drinking water should start as soon as you wake up. Here are the main steps of Japanese hydrotherapy, which has been tested and confirmed by numerous studies around the world.

Step 1

As soon as you wake up, start drinking water, even before brushing your teeth. According to the Japanese, you should drink 1 liter of water in the morning. However, if you are a beginner, start with 250ml and gradually increase the amount

2nd step

After drinking the water, you can brush your teeth and wash in the morning. 45 minutes after drinking the water, you should not eat or drink anything else (even coffee).

Step 3

An important part of water therapy according to the Japanese is that for 2 hours after each main meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Intermediate meals do not count), you should not drink water.
Following such a diet regulates blood pressure, protects against stomach diseases and makes you energetic throughout the day.

This Japanese diet is great for your health

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5 signs you’re not drinking enough water

Less water consumption leads to dry, red eyes. This is because without water, your tear ducts “dry up”. This puts you at much greater risk of damaging your eyes than wearing contact lenses every day.

  • You experience joint pain

Our cartilage and intervertebral discs are made up of about 80% water. For this reason, keeping your body hydrated will ensure that your joints will take the brunt of sudden movements like running, jumping or even falling.

  • Your muscle mass decreases

Our muscles are also made mostly of water. Logically – less water in the body means less muscle mass. Consuming water before, during and after a workout will not only provide you with hydration, but will also deliver water to the right places in the body. This reduces the likelihood of pain associated with exercises such as weight lifting.

  • You feel tired and lethargic

As it has already become clear, when the body is dehydrated, it takes water from the blood. This leads to less oxygen in the blood, and less oxygen leads to drowsiness and more fatigue. Over time, the lack of energy and stamina starts to show up earlier in the day if no action is taken (remember that coffee won’t help you in the long run).

  • You are hungry
  • Your eyes are dry

Less water consumption leads to dry, red eyes. This is because without water, your tear ducts “dry up”. This puts you at much greater risk of damaging your eyes than wearing contact lenses every day.

Sports help you consume more water which is good for your body

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