Luxembourg: A white march for Sonia, killed in a restaurant in Kirchberg

LUXEMBOURG – A white march in tribute to the waitress killed during a violent robbery in Kirchberg two weeks ago will take place on Sunday at 2:30 p.m.

More than fifteen days after the tragic death of Sonia, following a robbery that went wrong in the Vapiano restaurant, in Kirchberg, the emotion is still strong in Luxembourg City. On Sunday, a white march will be held from the Glacis, from 2:30 p.m. It will end at the Parc d’Coque, with the release of balloons.

At the initiative of this tribute, friends and colleagues of the waitress at the Vapiano restaurant. On the Facebook event created for the occasion (30 participants, 35 interested), the organizer however insists on not involving the German restaurant brand too much. “We will all be wearing white t-shirts. On the other hand, it is forbidden to make signs, banners or logos referring to Vapiano. Those who wish can leave flowers, candles and words in front of the restaurant after the march.

Ten days after the tragedy, Vapiano had expressed his “deep sorrow and sadness” after the death of this employee in office since 2014. The restaurant remained closed for the following two weeks.

Three people arrested

Regarding the police investigation, three individuals suspected of being involved in the violent robbery which cost the life of the waitress were arrested by the police last Thursday, said the Luxembourg justice. The body of the victim, bearing several traces of blows to the level of the head, had been found in the basement of the restaurant on Easter Sunday. The criminals would have left with the sum of 3,000 euros.

Italian resident in Luxembourg, Sonia was to marry during the month of May. His funeral took place in Petacciato, in the region of Molise, Italy.


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