Mantes-la-Jolie: 10,000 baguettes, 21,000 eggs… The crazy numbers of generosity during Ramadan

With the end of Ramadan this Sunday evening, a small business is closing its doors in Mantes-la-Jolie. During the thirty days of the month of fasting, dozens of volunteers got involved in a perilous mission: to ensure a meal every day for the poorest.

The ambitious idea was a “success”. Some 170 volunteers and fifteen associations took turns twelve hours a day to collect, prepare and distribute food parcels to more than 700 people in need.

“These parcels are obviously not intended for Muslims alone, specifies Aziz El Jaouhari, president of the As-Suffa association based in Mantes-la-Ville and conductor of this incredible campaign. But we opted for the month of Ramadan because symbolically, it is also a month of sharing and generosity. »

“Since the Covid, all those who were on a ridge line have changed”

And the generosity was there. In the kitchen, Sabiha, Soumaya, Karine, Saïda and all the others sacrificed their family life to prepare 21,000 meals. Butchers, wholesalers, bakers and supermarkets in the region have offered to prepare these dinners. 2.7 tonnes of meat, 21,000 eggs, 10,000 baguettes were collected…

Restaurateurs have lent their professional oven, freezer or fridge to facilitate the work of the cooks. Plumbers, electricians intervened free of charge. Even the village hall of Val-Fourré, from where all the delivery vans left for the families concerned, was loaned by its owner.

At the same time, individuals came to give: food, gifts for the children or money. This Sunday noon, a man showed up, left an envelope of 100 euros before leaving just as discreetly.

Remarkable, this generosity also reveals the growing poverty of the inhabitants of the Mantaise region. More and more young people are knocking on the doors of charities. And even a job no longer protects against poverty. “We have the impression that since the Covid, all those who were on a ridge line have rocked”, analyzes Aziz El Jaouhari.

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