Melissa Lucio, the death row inmate saved by a journalist

In 2008, Melissa Lucioa 53-year-old Mexican-American, is sentenced to death for the murder of her daughter Mariah, two years. However, the file of this mother of fourteen children is empty and the evidence in her charge, almost non-existent. On April 25, a Texas appeals court suspended his execution, initially scheduled for two days later.

Sexually abused as a child, married at 16, drug user… Melissa Lucio’s life course is marked by violence and misery. Wrongly accused, she receives no support and her defense is almost nil. This broken destiny nevertheless knows a glimmer of hope when its path crosses, by chance, that of Sabrina Van Tassel.

While reporting on women sentenced to death in the United States, the Franco-American journalist, Sabrina Van Tassel meets Melissa in prison. Shocked by her story, the journalist devotes a documentary to her that traces the injustice she experiences, The State of Texas vs. Melissa, released in 2021.

The documentary moves, even the most influential international celebrities. Today, the file is under review and Melissa remains pending a new trial.

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