Mom Dog Panicks When She Sees Man Grabbing Her Only Puppy

Oreo, a half Pitbull and half Dachshund dog, had been abandoned on the street. So she survived there for a while.

A man always fed her even though she lived outside, but Oreo didn’t want to be rescued. Also, when one day he has saw Oreo with his puppy, Cookie Monster, he knew he had to go to her rescue.

A dog panics when she sees a man grabbing her only puppy

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In this video, we see rescuers arriving on the highway to rescue Oreo and Cookie Monster. As Cookie Monster rushes through the busy streets, the rescuer uses a net to catch him and save him from this wandering life.

However, Oreo is not happy to see her little one trapped by men. She begins then to protest anxiously, forcing the rescuers to call for reinforcements.

The rescuers ask the man who has been feeding Oreo all this time to help with the rescue. When Oreo sees the familiar face, she runs to him and begs him to save her baby.

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The man calms her down and assures her that Cookie Monster is safe with these men. Eventually, the rescuers let Oreo kiss her pup to convince her that they meant well.

With dreams of a better life, Oreo and Cookie Monster follow the rescuers and arrive at the shelter. After their medical visit, they were transferred to a foster home where they became familiar with a comfortable life as loved and pampered pets.

As the shelter later informed, the mother-son duo was eventually adopted into a wonderful home and renamed Lady and Reptar.

They also like to trot around their neighborhood with big smiles, and are known to be “traffic stoppers” because of their tenderness.

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