Near Toulouse, a refuge accommodates 13 cats directly arrived from Ukraine

The thirteen exiled tomcats are in good health.
The thirteen exiled tomcats are in good health. (©DR)

“We can’t do anything for humans but we at least help the animals”, sighs Nathalie Chêne. A few days ago, the president of the Free Cats association in Colomiers, which collects stray cats, received an unexpected phone call from a Ukrainian interpreter.

“She knew a lady, Julia, who had just fled the war in the car with his thirteen cats in shipping crates. The Ukrainian was able to find an apartment around Toulouse. Only problem, the owner do not accept hairballs. “We’re a hotel while waiting for her to pick them up or place them,” adds Nathalie Chêne.

healthy animals

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, millions of exiles leave their pets behinddue to a lack of time to organize their evacuation.

By dint of perseverance, Julia was able to have her thirteen cats microchipped and vaccinated and obtain a passport for them to cross European borders. After a trip more than 3,000 kilometers, they are now safe. “They were very tired when they arrived and slept for hours,” says the president of the shelter.

Except for two of them suffering from diarrhoea, the tomcats are fine. “I expected worse with post-traumatic stress.” Since she posted a message on the association’s Facebook page, adoption proposals have been pouring in. But Nathalie Chêne makes a point of specifying it: “The abandoned cats of Colomiers are also waiting for a family”.


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