Neuchâtel validates the hunting of cats that have become feral

The shooting of cats returned to live in the wild has been in place in Switzerland for years already, outside the canton of Valais and Geneva. A motion to ban this practice was submitted to the country’s institutions, but it was rejected.

The signatories of the motion argued that the feral cat sterilization campaigns were sufficient for the authorization to hunt them to be suspended. They also claim that it is impossible for the shooter to tell the difference between a free-roaming domestic cat roaming the wilderness and a feral cat.

This Wednesday, the Neuchâtel Grand Council decided and the hunting of feral cats will remain authorized in the Romand cantons. The reality on the ground makes this fight rather useless because, even if the Swiss hunters have the right to do so, they hardly ever shoot feral cats and only 5 shots have been counted over the last three years.

Even an elected Green, Diane Skartsounis, relativized this pass of arms which she considers useless on Swiss territory compared to other species:

“It is not essential to legislate for a few cats killed when dozens of endangered animals such as hares or woodcocks are shot each year”.


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