New foods, a solution against global warming?

We are devouring our future and that of future generations. According to the IPCC, the global food system is currently responsible for around 40% of greenhouse gases, including deforestation, transport and processing. To influence this sad percentage, many specialists and activists have suggested that we change our diet, in particular by stopping – or at least reducing – our meat consumption. On its own, this sector would indeed represent 14.5% of emissions, perhaps even much more according to certain evaluations.

A German study has just stated that meat consumption in rich countries should decrease by at least 75% if we want the planet to be able to feed us. Because in addition to the environment, climate and health, too much meat consumption can also cause economic problems. If these researchers believe that eating in small quantities can be sustainable, we should strongly move away from the annual 80 kilos consumed each year by each citizen of the European Union.

These scientists from the University of Bonn (Germany) however ensure that 100% vegetarian or vegan menus are not the right solution. “We cannot live on grass, unlike ruminants” notes Dr. Martin Parlasca, co-author of this work. He points to areas of the world where you can’t grow food but where the herds do.

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