New record for crossing the USA by electric motorcycle

4,677 km completed in 111 hours by Steven Day on his Energica EVA Ribelle

A shortened crossing after a collision for the other engaged Energica

New record for crossing the USA by electric motorcycle - Credit: CAAC2022Manufacturers have always competed on the roads and circuits to demonstrate the qualities of their vehicles, whether in terms of pure performance or reliability. The rise of the electric two-wheeler market has seen this type of remote battle reborn, in particular to prove that it is possible to travel fast and far.

And for that, what better than to do it through a road trip?

To compare what can be, some attack well-known routes such as the route of the Cannonball Run, a car race which was organized illegally in the United States by crossing the country from side to side. During the first edition in 1971, the participants set off over 4,677 km between New York and Redondo Beach in California.

And it is precisely on this same route that several crossings have been made on electric motorcycles, including that of Diego Cardenas who was the fastest until then with a crossing in 178 hours on the handlebars of his Harley-Davidson Livewire. More recently, Scott Harkless traveled the country from East to West in 112 hours on his Zero SR/F, but it was from Florida and over 4,095 km “only”.

Two bikers set off to attack this record through an original run, each starting in the opposite direction to the other, Steven Day riding his Energica EVA Ribelle and Robert Swartz on an EsseEsse9 from the same manufacturer.

Si Swartz had to cut his challenge short after his support van suffered an accident. Day meanwhile was able to go to the end of the 4,667 km of road with a recharge of just under an hour every 160 km. In the end, he finally reached New York in 111 hours.

We are now awaiting the next attempt from a competing manufacturer.

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