OGC Nice – FC Nantes Coupe de France LIVE: follow the final live with us

90th : Offside on this against Nantes, too bad because Kolo-Muani had still done a lot of elimination work to open the angle of the pass towards Simon.

88th : The minutes pass, the scenario does not change. The Niçois are completely missing out on their final.

84th : We will clearly have to do more on the side of the Gym if they want to hope for anything. For the moment it is softness of the knees and sterile possession.

81st : Not much more to report at this time. I’ll come back to you when things get a little more excited.

77th : Nice took control of the ball for a few minutes but it does not panic in the defense of the Canaries.

76th : In Nantes it’s also wild!

75th : Galtier is very agitated in his technical area, nothing to do with the quiet strength released by Golden Helmet next door. Tailored suit, hand in pockets, all that’s missing is the bar of the chair to his lips. It will be for after, in case of victory.

72nd : The colleague from Le Monde on my right pointed out to me that it was above all the second stop, from the end of the crampons on a tense shot 7m from Delort, which was fantastic. And he’s right.


68th : Olééééé Pallois has just inverted a tackle-roulette, the Stade de France does not believe its eyes. I repeat, the man is inhabited by a higher force tonight, nothing can happen to him!

65th : There, right away, I have a hard time imagining the people of Nice coming back, I find them quite feverish, not very enterprising.

62nd : While the Nantes come back in waves on the goals of Bulka, the Loire Brigade accompanies them with a massive cracking of fumis. And at 20 Minutes, you know, we like that. #NoPyroNoParty

60th : But ouiiiii Pallois, this perfect tackle again! The guy is in agricultural machine mode, no one will pass him tonight.

57th: Ohhhhh Kolo-Muani who sucks up Dante’s soul before serving Blas back! The strike of the former Guingampais is countered but it was muy client.

52nd : Well this time it’s off, the Niçois throw themselves on the attack, Pallois is the police behind to prevent them, the Nantes bend is in fusion. We’re starting to have fun there.

49th : I didn’t even have time to explain to you the why and how of the peno. It’s a direct cross from Merlin on Lotomba’s hand. I don’t know if it will be controversial, all I can say is that the game is on and we couldn’t have dreamed of better after a deadly first period.

47th: GOLAZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DE BLAS!!!!! The stadium is erupting kids, it’s crazy.


10:05 p.m. : The players are back, I hope we get a slightly sexier second half because until then…

10 p.m. : I note that after the internet connection bug, we have another problem with a double display of minutes on the site. Sorry, I can’t do anything right now. You have only to tell yourself that I stutter.

45th: It’s the break, no goal, little show. We’re not going to lie to each other, I’ve already had more fun at the dentist. Fortunately there is a good atmosphere in the stands.

44th: Pallois president!!!! What authority in this gesture to grab the ball from Gouiri’s feet and prevent him from finding Dolberg in depth. A gesture that could not be more decisive because behind it was a face-to-face between the Dane and Laffont.

42nd : The people of Nantes are clearly the most enterprising, if not really dangerous. The referee issues a yellow for Lotomba after a fine foul along the touchline on Chirivella (or Merlin).

39th : Dante pulls his fangs out in front of Simon, the people of Nantes cry foul but it seemed like a proper intervention to me.

37th : Wonderful moment indeed. Note that the people of Nice joined the people of Nantes to pay tribute to Sala.

35th : Nice acceleration from the Moses Simon moped, too bad the shot at the end of the race lacks power. And precision. Everything in fact.

32nd : In the stands, it’s already a victory by KO for Nantes. They are impressive.

29th : And the people of Nice who reply in stride with a shot from Gouiri at the entrance to the surface diverted by a Nantes guibolle. It’s cool, it’s livening up a bit.

27th: Ohhh the solid exit of Bulka in front of Kolo-Muani!!! Strong le Parisien (because yes, Marcin still belongs to PSG, even if the Gym should blow up his option to buy this summer).

26th : And suddenly, since I’m wheelbarrows late, I’ll show you a bit of what happened in the stands before the match. Because frankly, given what is happening on the ground, we do not miss much and the show is happening mainly in the stands.

24th: “I think with our year 2000 bug, I must have lost everyone. And for those who have stayed on our site, frankly you are brothers in love. Heart on you and your offspring.

23rd : Corner to follow for Nantes, it does not work

21st: And we can now pick up the thread of the match live. LIVE CAN YOU IMAGINE?!!!!

19th : Since then, Nantes have squatted the Nice camp, with a first strike from Blas well captured by Bulka in the 13th minute.

17th : In short, happy to have solved the problem without even using a techos. I’m too foooooooooort hahaha! Okay so what to tell you? That Gouri almost ignited the Nice corner in the 5th minute, he had managed a phenomenal oriented control in the area to find himself alone against Laffont, but the zozo missed the simplest by pushing his ball too much.

16th : Well you will blame at this point oinbvzeeoibazdcoqnsvorqvnaer and his shitty connection.


8:50 p.m. : The teams are there, the tifos are crazy, the weather is nice, everything is fine. Except me and my precarious connection. So impossible to share you tweets or anything. Old fashioned!

8:40 p.m .: The Nantes bend is delighting us with a PHENOMENAL tifo!!! I’ll find you a picture. It’s just splendid.

8:30 p.m. : Well, listen, we’re going to play it like that, no choice, no one to give the slightest helping hand. You-pi. This live is going to be placed under the sign of seum, you have been warned hahaha!

8:20 p.m. : Hi brothers, hi successes, I pass my head to tell you that everything is fine, we are sitting in the stands, the atmosphere is already crazy. Only problem, impossible to connect to the wifi network of m…….. of the Stade de France. There I am in shared connection but not sure that it holds. So in advance I wish you a good evening 🙂 (kidding, I’ll try to fix this as soon as possible)

8:05 p.m. : To wait during the aperitif, a little reading never hurts.

8 p.m.: Hi la mif! I hope you’re doing well. Sit quietly, the time for me to get out of the RER and go up to the press stands. The live will start in about twenty minutes (and not because we’re on 20 Minutes, we’re not as twisted as that. Although…).

So children, are we not here without this glutton of PSG who had made this Coupe de France his own that all the others dream of? With a poster between Christophe Galtier’s OGC Nice and Uncle Kombouaré’s FC Nantes, the Coupe de France recalls a time when the letters QSI had no meaning in our minds. This evening, in a furious Stade de France, yellow on one side, black and red on the other, the battle promises to be beautiful and the emotion excessive. And even if Nice, who had fallen from PSG and OM in the previous rounds, left with the label of favorites, the Canaries also have good arguments to make. Long live the kick-off!

» See you around 8:15-8:30 p.m. to launch this beautiful evening together

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