Beware of NFT wash trading

the Non-fungible token To put it simply and in summary, an NFT is not interchangeable, and like all works of art, they are not equal. Each NFT is different because unique, each having a digital certificate registered on a blockchain. In addition, by relying on blockchain technology, they take advantage of its unique characteristics, namely … Read more

TotalEnergies launches the extension of an LNG project in the United States

PARIS (Reuters) – TotalEnergies announced on Monday the signing of a memorandum of understanding for the extension of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) production and export terminal in the United States. This project provides for the construction at the Cameron LNG terminal in Louisiana of a fourth “train” with a maximum LNG production capacity of … Read more

Soup eaters have smaller waistlines

A study reports that soup consumers display a diet of better nutritional quality, which could help explain the inverse relationship often found between soup consumption and weight. Epidemiological data report that soup consumption is associated with a lower risk of obesity. However, this does not establish a causal link, and the mechanisms likely to explain … Read more

Pep Guardiola praises Jürgen Klopp

What’s next after this ad After the draw against Liverpool on Sunday afternoon (2-2), Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola praised Reds coach Jürgen Klopp. The Spanish technician, who enjoyed the spectacle offered during this Premier League shock, praised the work of his German counterpart and made an appointment with him for a dinner at the … Read more

Reduce feed cost in dairy cows

The surge in inputs weighs on livestock costs. Idele advisers take stock of the rationing of dairy cows for the coming months with the aim of limiting costs. Maize ration + nitrogen corrector, or grass + cereal-based energy concentrate: to each his own system. But “when the meal prices and cereals fly away concomitantly, as … Read more