Pets: what changes in Wallonia from July 1

Whether you decide to buy, adopt or receive a pet, it will now be mandatory to have a permit. Fines for non-compliance with this rule can be very high.

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VSt is a revolution in Wallonia. As of July 1, it will be mandatory to have a license to be able to buy an animal. The goal is to avoid animal abuse and impulse buying.

All future teachers will have to request this document in their municipality. This was not the case before. Dogs, cats, hamsters, birds or snakes are concerned, whether adopted, purchased or received.

Pet stores are concerned about this mandatory permit. They are afraid that there will be more animal entries than exits, with this new constraint.

The data provided to adopt an animal will be kept for five years by the pet store, shelter, merchant, etc. Whoever circumvents the system will be punished. The fines for the buyer will be up to 100,000 euros, the seller up to one million euros.

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