Placemats for bikers donated to 30 restaurants in Haute-Loire

Aurélien Duvergey, director of the firm’s services at the Haute-Loire prefecture, presented the “table mats” operation in Arsac-en-Velay, within the “au Bar de la place” establishment on Wednesday.

Like every year, the arrival of fine weather is accompanied by the return of many motorcyclists to the roads, but also by accidents. In 2021, the latter represented 19% of deaths in the Haute-Loire department.

To raise awareness among drivers of motorized two-wheelers, and as part of a regional campaign, the prefecture has chosen to remind motorcyclists of the mandatory equipment and the benefit of wearing an airbag vest through placemats distributed to 30 catering establishments throughout the department. Priority was given to restaurants known to cater to a biker clientele.


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