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Catering: professionals faced with rising costs
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M. Justet, R. Michelot, P. Juvigny, M. Beaudouin, C. Brunet, E. Noël – France 2

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Faced with inflation and the rise in certain raw materials, restaurateurs find themselves faced with a dilemma: modify their recipes or increase their prices. But they take the risk of losing their customers in both cases.

The price of meat, vegetables and raw materials has only increased in recent months. So restaurateurs have to adapt. Near Vernon (Eure), a restaurant owner has increased his dishes by 0.50 cents to 1 euro. Customers are showing understanding so far, but it shouldn’t stop there. Salmon and beef have seen their prices soar. “We fight every day with suppliers to lower prices, it has become a daily battle”reveals a restaurateur.

In Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), several dishes have been removed from the menu. Some professionals are also considering changing their recipes. Moreover, the presence of fries in a good number of signs will perhaps be called into question because of the price of oil. “The price has almost quadrupled and we are starting to think about another solution: to stop the fries to make baked apples because we are starting to be really taken by the throat”, testifies Maxime Tranchard, chef of the restaurant Le Grill. According to professionals in the sector, in France, a quarter of café-restaurants have already increased their prices.

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