Renault Caravel. A barn find for sale in the United States

First marketed under the name Florida in 1958 and produced in around 117,000 units, the Caravelle takes us back to a doubly gone era. Those of Renault convertibles, which disappeared in 2015 with the discontinuation of the Mégane 3 CC.

renault caravelle rusty
The front bonnet, which covers a luggage compartment, shows traces of rust.

But also that of the Losange adventure in the United States, which was interrupted in 1987. With such a long absence and a success that has never been colossal, you can imagine that the brand’s productions French are rare across the Atlantic. One of the witnesses of this now distant time, however, is currently for sale on the Copart auction site: a 1960 Caravelle, whose mileage was not specified. To stand out in Los Angeles or Miami, it will certainly be much more effective than a Ford Mustang Convertible… even if some major work is to be expected before hoping to strut around behind the wheel.

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A very tired copy

renault caravelle tired bodywork
The gold paint on this 1960 example is chipped in several places.
renault caravelle cabin
The interior of this French convertible is like its bodywork: rather tired, especially on the passenger side.

This expatriate French four-seater convertible has indeed seen better days. Its golden paint has peeled off in many places, and traces of rust are clearly visible on the rear bonnet, which hides the engine, as well as on the front trunk lid. The rims are also gold on one side and painted gray on the other, while the left rear tire is completely flat. The interior isn’t much better. The front passenger seat cushion is torn and the carpet at its feet appears to be tattered. The steering wheel will also need a renovation. As for the engine, given its appearance, it’s hard to imagine that it will start again! Unlike the Renault 5 Turbo 2 which has just been sold for €147,000 across the Atlantic, this Caravelle is therefore clearly to be classified in the very trendy category of “barn finds”. A status that may put some people off… or add to its charm for others. In any case, it will be better to be at first sight to pay the minimum 8,500 dollars requested (about 8,000 €), when a copy in good condition can be found for a little less than 20,000 €.

renault caravelle brigitte bardot
La Caravelle had found an ambassador of choice: Brigitte Bardot.
renault caravelle coupe
Sold in approximately 117,000 copies, the Floride and the Caravelle also existed in coupe form.

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