Russian generals eliminated thanks to US intelligence

DECRYPTION – The United States helps Ukraine by delivering increasingly heavy weapons, by training its troops, but also by transmitting sensitive information.

The information provided by the Americans would have enabled the Ukrainians to kill several Russian generals by firing artillery at their command posts deployed on the front. A dozen Russian general officers are said to have died in combat since the start of the war, a particularly high loss rate in a modern conflict. According to an official American source, quoted by the New York Times, some of them would have been killed thanks to the help of the United States. American electronic interceptions, in particular radio or telephone transmissions from Russian field staffs, make it possible to pinpoint their position with precision. Transmitted in real time, this information is used by the Ukrainian artillery to strike these command posts directly.

The Chief of Staff of the Russian army, Valery Guerasimov, would have, according to Ukrainian sources, narrowly escaped one of these targeted bombardments in recent days during a visit to the front…

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