Seine et Marne. A “chatipi” for abandoned cats

Jackson, the 17 year old cat
Jackson, the 17 year old cat (©The free cats of La Rochette)

The association “free cats of the Rochette “, continue to find every week abandoned cats in particular to Melun. “There are more and more abandonments”, insists the president of the association Béatrice Vottero.

A problem to which the town hall of Melun seems sensitive. Even if nothing has yet been put in place, the municipality will set up a center near the Jules Ferry school where these felines will be collected.

“It will happen before the summer, assures Giovanni Recchia, elected official of the city and in charge of the animal condition. Our ambition is to welcome these stray cats, to have a follow-up from the veterinarian”, he specifies.

Abandoned cats

What is often decried by those who mobilize are the people who want adopt one of these animals. “Some realize that there are constraints”, regrets Giovanni Recchia.

To welcome a cat at home involves responsibilities. “The free cats of La Rochette” encounters various cases. Very recently, the association took charge of two. One of them was fed in the district of Mézereaux.

He had a broken leg and was hospitalized. Unfortunately we have to find him a base as soon as possible.

Béatrice Vottero president of the association

Cats that will find refuge

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Another feline, lived in an empty house due to a death. The real estate agent reported this animal alone, which the association then recovered before entrusting it to a new foster family. Now Jackson, 17, has a new home.

With Chatipi, the cats “will be safe, says the president. A small building will be built. This place will make it possible on the one hand to control sterilization, to regulate the population but above all to offer them shelter and daily access to food. »

This new step marks a major step forward in the fight against the abandonment of cats which “do not stop at the borders of the Seine et Marne and extends throughout France”, concludes Béatrice Vottero.

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