Several equines were seized, near Bourges, as part of legal proceedings for abandonment of animals

Several equines, five horses and three donkeys, were seized this Thursday morning in a meadow, at a place called Pierrelay, a hamlet of Bourges located on the road to Reuilly. An operation of “putting under protection” ordered by the parquet floor of Bourges, in which the veterinary services and police officers of Bourges took part. “It is the culmination of a procedure which began a few months ago”, specifies the prefecture of Cher. According to the owners of the horses, “a gelding, two mares, a foal and three donkeys” were seized. “As well as a stallion that does not belong to us”, specifies the couple who founded the association Les écuries d’Hermès to collect these animals.

This procedure for abandonment of animals was ordered by Lydie Samour, deputy prosecutor of the Republic of Bourges. It follows a report from the veterinary services, which had traveled to Pierrelay to see the condition of the animals. At the time, the veterinary services had “not found any element of physiological distress”, only “a problem of identification of the horses, in the process of being settled”. Officers remained empowered to return to the field if the reports continued.

Complaint filed by equine owners after video posted online

Because at the origin of this procedure, there is the report of several residents of Pierrelay, worried about the fate of these horses parked in a meadow. According to the elements of the file, these residents would have entered the field several times to feed the animals which they considered to be malnourished. “We had written to the prefect and to the veterinary services to say that they were not well treated, recalls one of them. A horse died and a foal was born a few days ago. »

The owner of the horses disputes: “We actually lost a horse last week, who died of old age at 32 years old. “Regarding the foal, she assures that an appointment was made with a veterinarian “for the vaccines”. She worries about the future of the little one, born four days ago.

An investigation is underway

The couple, owners of equines “for five years”, denounce “an arbitrary seizure”. He says: “They weren’t left without food and we went to see them very often. They are like our children. We are a small association. We operate with our small means, but we will do everything to recover them. The owner specifies that she was part of an animal protection association for twenty-five years. The horses were parked in a meadow that the couple rents.

An investigation is underway for abandonment of animals. The couple of owners must be heard. Deputy prosecutor Lydie Samour specifies: “This is indeed a procedure for the abandonment of animals, in no case for mistreatment. What we blame the owners of these horses for is not providing them with living conditions that meet their needs. It’s not about abuse. »

The horses and donkeys seized on Thursday were entrusted to a national association for animal protection recognized as being of public utility, the Work for Assistance to Slaughterhouse Animals (OABA).

Marion Berard


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