she opens the door of her heart to an abandoned puppy on the sidewalk

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She had no intention of adopting after having 3 dogs, but Florine Piteau changed her mind when she discovered an abandoned puppy in the street. She literally saved his life.

January 17, Florine PiteauWho lives Langon in Gironde, got up early as usual. As she opened the shutters, she began to hear moans. Intrigued, she was immediately outside to discover a newborn puppy, crawling on the sidewalk. He still had his umbilical cord.

She had wrapped it in her woolen jacket and brought it home. The little canine was freezing. To warm him up, she first used a hair dryer, then put him in a shoebox with hot water bottles around him. Florine Piteau then took him to the vet.

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Florine Piteau / Facebook

The puppy then weighed only 385 grams. She gave him formula milk every 3 hours. Cross Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever, she called him tao.

Illustration of the article:
Florine Piteau / Facebook

She had no plans to adopt him. Florine Piteau and her husband had already had 3 dogs in the past and did not wish to welcome another. But the more time passed, the more she became attached to the little creature whose life she saved.

“He brings happiness to the whole family”

Tao fell from the sky as a gift “, she confides to the Republican South Gironde. The couple ended up keeping it.

More than a month after his rescue, he weighs 3 kilograms and is in great shape. ” It brings happiness to the whole family “, says his mistress, whose woolen jacket in which she had bundled him up on that famous morning of January 17 serves him today as a comforter.

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Tao’s future is already mapped out. ” He will go to school, to a dog club. We gon’ socialize him, show him horses, whatever we can “, noted Florine Piteauwho points out that her little protege has an adorable little white heart-shaped mark on her head.

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