shortage of sunflower oil in France, restaurateurs worried



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Since the start of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the price of sunflower oil has skyrocketed. Brut met Souheyla, a restaurateur who has a fries stand and is a victim of the shortage.

Without oil, the restorer Souheyla cannot work. Currently, his fries stand continues to operate with only one out of two fryers.

Ukraine is the largest exporter of sunflower oil in the world. Since the start of the conflict, France has been experiencing a shortage which has hit restaurant owners in particular.

“Yesterday, we managed to nab 2 cans of 25 liters. It allows me to work for this month. Normally, a can, it serves me for a weekend” explains the young woman.

Between soaring prices and empty shelves, it is becoming more and more complicated to obtain oil.

“Everything went from single price to quadruple”, adds Souheyla. In addition to this difficulty, there is also a general increase in the prices of fruit and vegetables.

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