Suspended 24 years after attacking a referee in the Somme

It was the first time he had refereed an under-17 game. A month and a half ago, Théo Boucher, 18, was violently attacked after a meeting between Salouël-Saleux and Albert, two clubs from the Somme (Hauts-de-France).

“Blows in the back, in the neck, on the head”

“After whistling the end of the game, I headed for the small gate that allows you to leave the lawn, to return to the locker room. At that moment, a player approached and threw at me: “You stupid bastard, you don’t know how to referee” »had told the young Samarian to The Team. He then received “blows in the back, in the neck, on the head”before being “pushed to the ground, head first”.

Friday, a month and a half after the facts, the Disciplinary Committee of the Somme delivered its verdict: the attacker will not be able to play again in a club for 24 years while the one who insulted him is banned from licensing for two years. . “As for the other two people, the mother and the brother of the aggressor, they will not be able, for 24 years, to be fired in a football club with an extension to all the federations”, specifies the Courrier Picard.

The latter are also being prosecuted for intentional violence. The case will be judged at the end of June at the Amiens court.


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