The United States is preparing for a big day of mobilization to defend the right to abortion – Liberation

From Austin to New York, via Los Angeles, nearly 400 processions must parade this Saturday in the American streets to denounce the conservatism of the Supreme Court which threatens the right to abortion. Thousands of demonstrators are expected this Saturday in the streets of the United States to defend the right to abortion, threatened by … Read more

In the United States, large companies dragged into the battle of abortion – Liberation

Culture War Article reserved for subscribers While the Supreme Court should repeal the right to abortion at the federal level in June, large companies, often present in both conservative and progressive states, fear that they will soon have to choose their side. When you weigh more than 250 billion dollars, when you have the nerve … Read more

In the United States, Amazon will help its employees who have to travel for an abortion – Liberation

While access to abortion seems more threatened than ever in the United States, the e-commerce giant will reimburse the travel expenses of employees who want to travel more than 160 km from their home to have an abortion. Let’s imagine the scene, in the very near future. An employee of the giant Amazon becomes pregnant … Read more

what about the right to abortion in the United States?

The United States is taking another step backwards when it comes to abortion. On Thursday, April 28, Oklahoma approved a law that reduces to six weeks the legal deadline for an abortion. However, the right to abortion was recognized by the United States Supreme Court in 1973 by the stop “Roe vs. Wade”. The right … Read more