The call of bird protectors: “Keep your cat indoors as much as possible for the moment”

Bird breeding season is in full swing. So that the newborns are not… a bird for the cat, their defenders launch an appeal: Keep your animals indoors for a while.

In the Belang van Limburg, Niels Luyten of “Vogelbescherming Vlaanderen” explains that the hatchlings of typical garden birds, such as the blue tit and the great tit, are about to take flight in the coming weeks: “The first days out of the nest, the birds can’t fly yet“, he underlines to the newspaper: “It’s like a toddler learning first to crawl, then to walk, and finally to run. Young birds also need a few days to a week before they can master flight. Only then can they get to safety.”

Even if he is not eaten and is taken in by a shelter, the encounter with our little felines can be fatal: “A cat has very sharp canines, comparable to thin hypodermic needles. If a cat has bitten, even if it’s just to play, bacteria will still end up in those wounds. The bird can therefore die after a few days, even if it has no obvious injuries.“.

His request ? Keep the cat indoors if there is a nest in the neighborhood, especially at night.

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