The immense pride of a Pitbull dad when he meets his 8 puppies for the first time (video)

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The birth of puppies is an important moment in the life of our 4-legged friends. A resident of California (USA) posted the touching video of her Pitbull meeting her offspring for the first time.

Many videos of adorable animals are circulating on social networks. Today we invite you to watch the one that was posted on the TikTok account @tu_muneca. You will quickly understand why.

At the end of April, a certain Stephaniefrom California, welcomed with open arms the newborns of his 2 beloved Pitbulls, answering the names of Blue and Kilo. 8 tiny balls of fur have been born in this loving home.

The American waited a few days, before letting the male meet the mini versions of himself. This incredibly cute show, relayed by Newsweekworth the detour.


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? You are the father – WRIMZZA????????

Explosion of pride and affection

When everyone tells you not to let dad meet the puppies until 4 weeks old, but you’re raised in love and are the sweetest boy “, can we read in the caption of the video. A decision that Stephanie do not regret, because Kilo was extremely affectionate with his babies. The mother, also known for her great sweetness, reacted positively to this visit.

The father, proud as a peacock, adopts a delicate behavior towards the puny creatures and takes great care of them. Today, the 2 lovebirds take care of their most precious possessions together. ” Every time he hears them crying, he runs to see what’s wrong and help mom wash them “, explained their owner.


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? Home – Edith Whiskers

The latter admitted that this litter was not planned. Finally, the result fills her with joy. Watching her beloved Pitbulls swim in happiness delights her. ” They are both excellent parents and the puppies are thriving. “, she estimated.

As of now, the video shared on TikTok has been viewed over 37,000 times and received nearly 7,000 likes. A very sweet and adorable sequence that does good to our soul.

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@tu_muneca? original sound – Stephanie

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