the return of the cold war


War in Ukraine: the return of the cold war
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Article written by La Mornais, B.Laigle, L.Setyon, K.Sullivan – France 2

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Faced with the threats of Vladimir Putin on the West which follow one another, the United States wishes to grant aid of 33 billion dollars to Ukraine. These are two blocs, and a new cold war, which are taking hold.

Based on river side in California (United States)US soldiers load cannons into jumbo jets destined for Ukraine. This ballet is not about to stop. US President Joe Biden wants to launch a new pharaonic support plan for Ukraine: $33 billion, including military aid. “The cost of this fight is not light, but to give in to aggression would be an even greater cost if we let it happen”said Joe Biden.

In recent days, the United States has acquired a conviction: Ukraine can win the war. According to press reports, the CIA has already helped and allowed the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to escape a dozen assassination attempts. For political scientists, the United States can no longer go back. The confrontation between the West and Russia is now very clear, and Moscow wants to make it known. To about nuclear missiles Sarmat that Russia has, Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “We we’re going to use them if we have to, and I want everyone to know that.

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