The worst sausages on the market, according to 60 million consumers

In its May issue, the consumer association tested 30 sausages, dry sausages and mini-sausages sold in supermarkets.

Star of the aperitif, the sausage is not the healthiest food. Rich in fat and often very salty, its consumption must remain occasional and moderate. Since 2015, the WHO has classified processed meat, including sausage, as “carcinogenic” for humans. Deli meats are particularly suspected of increasing the risk of colorectal cancer. The magazine 60 million consumers screened 30 sausages, dry sausages and mini-sausages and reveals the results in its May issue.

Salt, nitrites, fats, proteins, quality of the meat… the tests carried out made it possible to establish a classification. All the products analyzed are fatty and too salty, but, with two exceptions, are “correct” regarding residual nitrites and nitrates. The difference in places within the classification thus depends above all on the quantity and quality of the meat.

Low nutritional qualities

The worst score goes to Carrefour’s pure pork dry sausages with 11/20. A score which is explained by its low nutritional quality and its quantities of lipids and salt. Next come Casino’s premium quality pure pork dry sausage and Carrefour’s Saucisson sec white products with 11.5/20.

At the top of the ranking, we find organic dry sausages and sausages. The Roches blanches mini-sausages obtain a score of 15/20 thanks to their very good sausage quality, the Biocoop dry sausage obtains the honorable score of 14.5/20 and is slightly ahead of the pure organic pork dry sausage and its score of 14. /20.

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