there will be a Game 7 in Phoenix!

The Mavericks had no choice tonight: make it or go. The Suns could for their part definitively close the series and go to the Conference final. Unfortunately for them, Dallas was intractable from start to finish, and that’s a nice little beating. We have our first game 7!

For the stats sheet of this match, this is where it goes!

Come on, let’s settle in comfortably because it’s going to heat up. The American Airlines Center knows how to receive the opponent when his team is back to the wall in a series of Playoffs. The room is thermostat 12 from the kick-off, it’s a treat. The second thing we see is that the players of both teams are also all fired up. Luka Doncic knows he is at home, and immediately shows that he is determined to force a final match in Arizona. Devin Booker is in good shape too, the two baskets are very expensive. Praise the basketball gods, it smacks of classic. Jae Crowder supports his leader well, and the Suns hold on. Why “hold on”? Because the Dallas address is kind of sassy. Davis Bertans, Reggie Bullock, Dorian Finney-Smith, Jalen Brunson and Spencer Dinwiddie all find the string multiple times. It’s raining in Dallas, but that doesn’t stop the venue from definitely catching fire. You will have captured it, the elements are unleashed and the Suns are struggling to… finally hold on. Chris Paul is very discreet, failing to overcome the strong pressure that had already characterized his first two games in Texas. The hole is made on the bulletin board, without Monty Williams’ men being able to say much. Luka Doncic is already at 18 points when it comes to the locker room, the magic happens everywhere. Of course, in the continuity of the last round, the looks and words exchanged with D-Book are very spicy. At the break, Phoenix must fill 15 points to hope to win the match, the revival is mandatory.

Alas, the sky was far too overcast for the sun’s rays to hope to reach North Texas. We told you about Devin Booker and his good start, it will only be the start. After the first quarter, it will be necessary to wait… the end of the third to see the head of the Suns score again. Chris Paul is still absent, complicated to hope to build things without the well-tuned metronome. For their part, the Mavericks do not slow down the pace which quickly becomes infernal for the visitors. Shots from the parking lot here, drives there, everything is too simple for Dallas. Luka Doncic even allows himself to send two consecutive dunks, aim for the face of the Suns defense. The public loves it because the blond’s evening is very correct, we are talking about 33 points, eleven rebounds, eight assists and four steals. Phoenix will attempt a comeback at the dawn of the last ten minutes, but it is far too late to act, we had to wake up earlier. The failure of the Cactus is clearly collective, because the whole group collapsed just before half-time, carried away by the blue wave. The Unicorns have assured, they fully deserve to play a final match on Sunday evening. The final score is final, 113-86, direction Arizona for the last chapter of this confrontation. It looks epic!

The Mavericks are holding a new benchmark match, as they dominated the Suns head and shoulders. Luka Doncic assured, and the whole workforce followed the example of the leader. The blow is hard for Devin Booker and his clique, but there is no time to rack their brains, the next match will be crucial… and for us, unmissable!

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