these products can be dangerous for health, it is sausage sold by Carrefour

Reminder: We are going through a very difficult period for French supermarkets. Numerous product recalls tarnish their reputation, week after week. Especially since it concerns very large consumer products in the biggest brands in the area! And, for this new product recall, you may once again lose faith in mass distribution… The Objeko editorial team gives you all the details in this article.

Product recall: the sausage sold at Carrefour incriminated

There have been far too many product recalls lately… This time, it’s a typically French product, loved by a large part of the population. We are of course talking about the famous sausage. However, Carrefour is forced to recall them in store. And reason sends shivers down your spine! It could indeed be that it contains traces of foreign products such as paper, textiles, metal, glass, or even plastic.

The incriminated product is the “Veritable Jesus of Lyon” sausage, sold by the French group Carrefour in 600-gram sachets. The lot affected by the product recall is numbered 205080. It has a durability date of April 29, 2022, and a marketing date of March 14, 2022 to April 21, 2022.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the sausage has had to be urgently recalled in recent times. On April 1, Intermarché also had to recall batches that could contain transparent plastic. Meat products sold in Tarn and Haute-Garonne in April were also recalled because they were contaminated with listeria.

If you bought this sausage from Carrefour, bring it back to the store immediately. And above all, do not consume it! It will be refunded to you. Otherwise, you can simply throw it in the trash…

Repeated health scandals

There has been no shortage of health scandals causing product recalls lately! The biggest, and the biggest to date, is of course the one concerning Kinder eggs. They were contaminated with salmonella. Many children fell very seriously ill in France, but also in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and in many other countries. Worse still, this product recall took place a few days before Easter…

If Ferrero, the producer of Kinder eggs, announced that everything was back to normal, consumers remain more than suspicious…

Another very important health scandal, that of Buitoni pizzas. An employee of the manufacturing plant had however already sounded the alarm a long time ago. The factory conditions are just awful. The food piles up on the ground, the production lines are not clean, a real disaster. Some of his pizzas sent several people to the hospital. Since then, the production plant has been closed.

Unfortunately, this new case of contaminated sausage does not restore the image of supermarkets. It would seem that there are many efforts to be made to guarantee the health of consumers…

Product recall: whose fault is it?

Few things damage a department store’s reputation like a product recall. It is indeed a breach in the confidence that a consumer has in the brand. Especially since the latter base all their communication around the quality of their products, and their commitments to producers. So you can imagine that a massive product recall casts doubt on his statements!

Product recall: The reasons are very often the same. Most of the time, it is a simple labeling problem: allergenic ingredient missing from the list of ingredients, bad marking of the expiry date…

More seriously, some product recalls are due to contamination during production: presence of glass, metal, or plastic in the product, or infestation of microbes or viruses. In this second case, the consequences can be very serious for the health of a large number of consumers! Supermarket brands and manufacturers are doing everything to get the message across clearly and to as many people as possible.

And the fault is not always directly attributable to the supermarkets, but rather to the producers. It is indeed at the level of the manufacturing plants, or even on the farms, that the problems arise.

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