Toul. A couple opens a restaurant in Domgermain

After several successive openings and closings, and after two years of inactivity, the commercial premises located rue de la Gare are once again hosting a restaurant area. For the past few days, people have been able to sit at tables covered with red tablecloths; or even have meals delivered to your home. The map proposed by Ibrahim Almagmaie and Hala Mouffock is evocative of their journeys beyond borders. Italy for lasagna, Algeria for couscous. Falafels, grilled chicken for Syria. And other moussaka, tacos, kebabs. Hailing from Iraq and Syria respectively, Ibrahim and Hala have been driven from their homes by war. The former math teacher had to give up her lessons. In Italy, Hala had alternative jobs: seamstress, beautician, decorator. She specialized in cooking and baking. Then, it was the arrival in France. “French grammar is difficult. It’s not like English. The first year was very hard. Afterwards, it was going on its own” recognizes the one who acts as an interpreter for her husband. The man is Iraqi. Back home, he combined his activities as a mechanic with those as a cook. This is why Ibrahim likes to be in the kitchen with his wife. In Vandoeuvre, the couple took over the management of “La table des nations”. But the case only lasted a year. “The rent is too expensive,” says Hala. By Internet, they discovered the existence of the premises of Domgermain to set up their business there. Another step in the life of Ibrahim, Hala and their two grown daughters.

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