tragic end of the run for the prison officer and the inmate – Release

On the run since April 29, prison officer Vicky White and inmate Casey White, who have no family ties, were found by authorities on Monday. After a chase in Indiana, the first committed suicide and the second was captured.

In a ditch, a gray Cadillac lies on its roof, sunk in several places. A few minutes earlier, Vicky White was driving the vehicle, Casey White at her side. The prison officer and the inmate, who have no family ties, lived their last moments of an eleven-day run in a chase with the police in the state of Indiana.

It is information, among the hundreds received, which led the authorities to the tandem. The tip, which arrived Sunday evening, indicated that the fugitives could have been since May 3 in Evansville, Indiana. Monitoring is then put in place. On Monday, authorities spot Vicky White, wearing a wig, leaving a hotel in town with Casey White. The pair get into a car and are then chased. A few minutes later, “to put an end to the pursuit”, a police officer decides to crash into the vehicle, which rolls over before ending up in a ditch. Casey White then chooses to surrender and alerts the authorities: Vicky would have shot herself. Police have denied any use of a firearm by him. The prison officer, seriously injured in the head, is extracted from the car and transported to the hospital, where she dies a little later.

Psychological assessment

The run had however started rather well for the fugitives. At 9:30 a.m. on April 29, Vicky White, a prison officer at Lauderdale County Jail in Alabama, manages to get out of the facility with inmate Casey White, claiming a psychological evaluation requested by the local court. The two Americans then rush into the agent’s service vehicle before leaving the prison. Their absence is not noticed until 3:30 p.m., giving the two fugitives a six-hour head start on the authorities.

For ten days, the pair managed to deceive the vigilance of the police, who can only see their delay in their hunt. Thus, despite multiple calls on social networks, the first vehicle used to flee the Americans was discovered on May 6 by the authorities, when the duo had gotten rid of it a week earlier. Belatedly, the investigators also manage to establish the course of Vicky White. Shortly before the escape, the prison officer sold her house at a discount, then bought men’s clothes. She was due to retire on Friday, April 29. The night before the escape, she dropped off a recently purchased vehicle in a mall parking lot not far from the Lauderdale County Jail. Then she slept at the hotel, under a false identity.

“Special Relationship”

All these preparations had only one object: to escape Casey White and to prepare the flight which would follow. Since 2020, and the arrival of the inmate at Lauderdale prison, Vicky White would have multiplied the attentions and privileges towards Casey, in particular by offering him extra food. Vicky White and Casey White had a “special relationship”, including outside of the officer’s duty hours, authorities said. Amazing information for some relatives and colleagues of the fifties. Because if Vicky White was seen as a model prison officer, the portrait of Casey White is of another nature.

The 38-year-old American is serving a 75-year sentence for burglary, kidnapping and attempted murder. In a procedure still in progress, he also risks the death penalty for the murder of an American in 2015. Facing the investigators, Casey White had assured that he would kill his ex-girlfriend and her sister if he managed to get out of prison. His former lawyer had also assured that he suffered from a “mental illness”. The 2.06m colossus, tattooed in the colors of a white supremacist gang, is expected to return to an Alabama prison. “He will never see the light of day again, and that is a good thing for our community and for the country”assured Rick Singleton, the sheriff of the county of Lauderdale.


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