United States: This historic arms control law passes a first step

WEAPONS – After the Uvalde massacre, the time for action seems to have come for American parliamentarians. The Senate adopted this Thursday, June 23 a bill supported by the Democrats and some Republicans. Worn by iconic Senator Chris Murphy, aims to tackle the wave of violence gripping the United States, with restrictions on access to firearms and billions of dollars to fund mental health and safety in the schools.

The bipartisan text, adopted by 65 votes to 33 in the upper house and which has every chance of being validated in the House of Representatives this Friday, June 24, remains far below the measures demanded by President Joe Biden, but it nevertheless constitutes a first for decades and a step forward for supporters of the limitation of individual firearms.

Removal of weapons

The text supports the laws which, state by State, would make it possible to withdraw from the hands of people considered to be dangerous the weapons which they possess. He also intends to introduce stronger criminal and psychological background checks for gun buyers between the ages of 18 and 21, as well as better control of the illegal sale of guns, and funding for mental health programs. .

“I’m exhausted. But so proud of what we’ve done together. We passed a bill tonight that breaks 30-year inertia and saves lives,” Democrat Chris Murphy tweeted.

“Our bill will save lives while imposing no new restrictions on law-abiding gun owners,” said Republican John Cornyn.

Chance of the calendar, this vote comes just hours after the invalidation by the Supreme Court – of which the majority of judges are conservative – of the “restrictions” on the carrying of weapons provided for by a law of the State of New York. Since 1913, this law has limited the issuance of concealed weapons permits to people who have reason to believe that they may have to defend themselves, for example because of their profession or threats against them.

The United States is facing a surge in crime in major cities and a chilling series of mass killings, including two in May, in Buffalo (10 African-Americans killed) and at a school in Texas (21 killed). , including 19 children).

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