Val d’Oise. Clara, a Malinois shepherd, found as a skeleton in Bonneuil-en-France

“She had skin on her bones, she was surviving in despicable conditions, without water or food, apart from cat kibble which had been moldy for weeks”, explains Anne-Claire Chauvancy, president of the Action Protection Animale association. . (©Dr)

Five days after her hospitalization in a veterinary clinic, Clara is still not out of the woods. The dog, a 4-year-old Malinois shepherd, was found skin and bones, surviving in despicable conditions at Bonneuil-in-France (Val d’Oise), without water or food for weeks.

“She is holding up, there is hope. She manages to drink and eat on her own. The big problem is that the exams showed that she had worms in her lungs, which caused a haemorrhage”, explains this Friday April 29, 2022 Anne-Claire Chauvancy, president of the Action Protection Animale association.

“She was surviving in despicable conditions”

It was his association which intervened on Sunday April 24, 2022 to rescue the Malinois shepherd after being alerted, two days earlier, by a person reporting having seen a “very thin” dog in the middle of barracks. “We went there to see what was said. After seeing him, we contacted the police. The municipal police officers from Arnouville and police officers from the Gonesse police station intervene.

Association members and law enforcement then discover a skeletal animal chained to a cabin.

She was skin and bones, she was surviving in dastardly conditions, with no water or food, except cat food that had been moldy for weeks. She was starving and extremely dehydrated. She sought contact, but she could barely stand on her feet. She no longer had the strength to bark.

Anne-Claire ChauvancyPresident of the association Action Protection Animale

The dog is hospitalized in emergency with a vital prognosis. “She only weighed 12 kg instead of the 25 to 30 kg she should be”, continues the president of the association, who specifies that this is “an extreme case. It is very rare that we find such skeletal dogs, most of the time they do not survive.

The female dog only weighed 12 kg instead of the 25 to 30 kg she should be. (©Dr)

Questioned on the spot, the owner of Clara explained that “it was the dog who did not want to eat, at least for a month. He told us that he was trying to find an appointment with a veterinarian…” A complaint was lodged against him by the association.

Three more dogs rescued

On the spot, the members discovered three other Anatolian shepherds, a mother and her two puppies, who were locked in another barracks, a space of barely 4 m2. “They lived in the dark and in their excrement,” says Anne-Claire Chauvancy. The animals were seized for the benefit of the association which filed a complaint for voluntary abandonment against the owner who had installed his dogs to dissuade people from entering his land.

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In April, several rescue operations were carried out by volunteers from the Action Protection Animale association.

These last days we do not stop. We intervened everywhere in Île-de-France, especially in Hauts-de-Seine where we discovered a Malinois who was in the same situation as Clara.

Anne-Claire ChauvancyPresident of the association Action Protection Animale

Discoveries that are always made by chance, according to reports. Anne Claire Chauvancy thus calls on witnesses of animal abuse “not to hesitate to sign it for us before it is too late to act”. For Clara, if optimism remains in order, the next few days will be decisive. “But even if she does die, she will never have a life like other dogs. She won’t have the lung capacity to run,” says Anne Claire Chauvancy, who is currently looking for a foster family for the Malinois shepherd.

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