Vincent Labrune, president of the LFP: “French football is saved”

From the start, the former leader of Olympique de Marseille announces: “French football is saved”even if he admits that the disaster is not far away. “French football has lost 1.8 billion in two years. The system was nearly bankrupt. Without the help of the state, and the involvement of the clubs, we were going straight into the wall”admits the one who took the lead of the League 18 months ago.

“Clermont, in Ligue 1, pays more charges on its own than all the clubs in the Bundesliga”

In addition to the Covid-19, he considers responsible for this economic situation “the complete cessation of competitions which caused a shortfall of 250 million euros and the failure of our broadcaster Mediapro, which caused us to lose 600 million. » Before denouncing “a vicious structural circle”: “For decades, French football has had to face very strong constraints which penalize us against the other major European leagues. We have a domestic audiovisual market which is much less buoyant than that of our competitors… Moreover, […] finally, we suffer from particularly heavy taxation. The Clermont club, in Ligue 1, pays more charges on its own than all the clubs in the Bundesliga. »

French football in the top 3 by 2028?

So for Vincent Labrune, the creation of a commercial company with the CVC investment fund, supposed to bring 1.5 billion euros, will bring French football into a virtuous circle. And he warns: “This money is anything but a blank check to reward poor students. » Because according to him, “The DNCG will ensure that salaries do not represent more than 70% of club budgets from now on. »

In any case, Vincent Labrune has an ambition, that of bringing French football into the European top 3 by 2028: “There is no reason why French club football should not be at the level of our national team, which is world champion. »


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