War in Ukraine: Has the United States entered the war?

“The United States has changed gears,” said Maud Quessard, director of the Euratlantique-Russia domain at IRSEM, Strategic Research Institute of the Military School, specialist in American foreign policy, on RTL on Monday May 2.

By stepping up financial and military aid to the Ukrainian people, “the strategy shifted to a real targeting of Russia“, analyzed for his part Corentin Sellin, associate professor of history, specialist in American politics and the Biden presidency.

He goes on to say that “the avowed aim of war is to weaken Russia over time”. But we can’t talk about going to war for the two specialists. “The country did not go to war in the legal and technical sense because it did not declare war”, enlightens Corentin Sellin.

This strategy of the Biden government is aimed both at European partners but also at the American people in view of the mid-term elections next November. For Maud Quessard, also a teacher at Sciences Po Paris, “It is not a coincidence” if this request for a budget extension is part of this electoral time. Especially since “in public opinion, there is a very broad consensus against Russia“, reminds Corentin Sellin. “Contrary to what one might think, the Republicans are upwind against Russia and in favor of Zelensky”, he concludes on this subject.

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