“We missed a little something”, regrets Unai Emery (Villarreal)

Unai Emery, coach of Villarreal, beaten 3-2 on Tuesday and eliminated by Liverpool in the semi-finals of the Champions League: “At the break (at 2-0), I still thought it was going to be very difficult. The objective was to score the first goal to be close to the comeback. We did it. And the second really encouraged us. We knew that the efforts made in the first period were going to penalize us later, but we had players ready to come on the bench. But the relapse of Gerard’s injury (Moreno) heavily affected the whole team, mentally.

“The team just wasn’t ready to take on that pace the whole game. It was insufficient”

He told us he felt something about his previous injury, so we didn’t take any chances. He had already made great efforts to be there this (tuesday) evening. He was the only one that allowed us to have duels near their defensive line, and without him, we didn’t have any more. And the team just wasn’t ready to sustain that pace the whole game. It was insufficient. We missed a little something. »


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