While trying to run over birds, this motorist takes a return of karma!

Oh that’s well done! Wanting to drive over a flock of birds in a parking lot, this motorist simply forgot to brake, congratulations!

When he saw all these birds in one place, this motorist had only one desire, to crush them! Yes it’s stupid, we agree, but you will see, the driver in question will quickly regret his action.

Indeed, as soon as he approached the small birds, they all flew away one by one. As often, they wait until the last moment to take flight but are almost never hit.

And here, none of the birds will get hit by this ill-intentioned driver. However, they are going to set him, without wanting it, a hell of a trap! Yes, by standing in front of a concrete ledge, they simply hid it from him. And guess what, the fanatic took it head on.

Man wrecks his car trying to run over some birds from IdiotsInCars

It stings

Being fooled so stupidly and having to have your car repaired for such stupidity, it sure stings. And we’re not going to lie to each other, it hurts both the ego and the wallet.

Especially since the culprit filmed himself doing his stupidity! This gives us a perfect example of his level of savvy, really not very high …

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