why is the lion the king of beasts?

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published by Camille Lepeintre on Apr 29, 2022 at 2:31 p.m.

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After having wondered about the animal that can die of a heartache, we are now interested in the lion. Why do you think the lion is considered the king of beasts?

lion king of beasts

Why is the lion the king of beasts?

The lion is probably one of the animals most feared by the man. Second largest felid behind the Tigerwhich may be white due to genetic alteration, it is also Africa’s largest carnivore. It is he who stands at the top of the animal kingdom. A big cat whose huge paws can kill prey with a single blow. They are admirable for their strength but also for their majestic presence. Respected in its native land, many African countries approach the lion as national emblem. This is particularly the case of the emperor of ethiopianicknamed the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah » . But then why was the lion chosen to reign over the animal species?

The myth goes back to the time of the Middle Ages where the lion was very present on the seigniorial coat of arms. In the ancient christian bestiaryhe is described as being the first animal to enter Noah’s ark. A privilege that also owes him deep respect from other animals. It is also associated with Christ thanks to different characteristics which are as follows: he stands at the top of the mountains to protect those below, he keeps his eyes open even if he sleeps, and finally, he has the ability to resuscitate his stillborn cubs after three days. Moreover, the lion is the emblem of Saint Mark the Evangelist, which represents justice. So the divine contribution of the animal goes back centuries.

If he was therefore chosen to embody “the king” of animals, it is largely due to this! However, other vectors are taken into account. If the tiger, which you can find on our last riddle, or even the bear Where the Eagle which are also powerful animals were not chosen it is because the lion has something that they do not have and which is nevertheless essential to sovereignty. He is wearing a crown ! His majestic mane matched only by its power and vitality. Especially since for this great predator, it is an asset of seduction to attract females to him. According to the beauty of his mane, the lionesses will indeed directly perceive whether he is a good fighter or not. And we can only understand them when we know that they are the ones who will hunt for him afterwards. For his part, he will make sure to the protection of his clanand watch his territorylike a king.

So if religion has deified the animal, literary and cinematographic culture has also popularized the lion. In the middle Ages, Chrétien de Troyes wrote an iconic chivalry novel: Yvain or the Knight with the lion. This Arthurian myth recounts the adventure of the Knight of the Round Table, Yvain, and his traveling companion, a lion. centuries later, Jean de la Fontaine, famous French poet, uses the figure of royalty of the lion in several of his fables. Finally, how can we talk about the lion without mentioning the studios’ cult cartoon? disney, The Lion King. In this feature film, he retains his status as a monarch and brings balance to the great cycle of life. Recently, a lion also tried to reproduce one of the famous sequences of the film.

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