Women’s rights under threat in the United States

Lhe value of a country is not measured solely by its gross domestic product. The fate it reserves for its citizens matters just as much, if not more, when it comes to the least privileged. In this light, the non-final version of a judgment of the Supreme Court of the United States devoted to abortion published by the site Politicoon May 2, is likely to deal a severe blow to the image of the country.

The plan to completely reverse the legalization of abortion, the assessment of which would again become the responsibility of the States, is an attack on women’s freedom, which will mainly harm the poorest, the most marginalized. The latter will not be able to have the financial, legal and moral resources to circumvent the prohibition which will be quickly put in place in the most conservative States.

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Basically, the “leak” of May 2 surprised no one. For decades, the most reactionary current of the American right has worked tirelessly to overthrow the jurisprudence established in 1973 by the Roe judgment. vs. Wade, confirmed in 1992, which sanctuarized at the national level the right of women to dispose of their own body.

A methodical offensive

Everything has been set up for the epilogue which could occur in a few weeks, if the foundations of the text unveiled following a rare breach of the confidentiality of the deliberations of the highest court of the United States resist the storm of reactions that their revelation aroused.

The Supreme Court has been staffed by successive Conservative presidents with judges selected for this purpose. For their part, the Republican States have multiplied the laws derogating from the judgment of 1973 with the aim of achieving a new arbitration on the part of a reinforced majority of judges (six out of nine) won over to the arguments of the opponents of this right. .

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Roe’s Repeal vs. Wade, if it is maintained, will place the United States in the camp of the rare retrograde countries concerning abortion, such as Poland, Honduras or Nicaragua, which can hardly be presented as paragons of the law. It will provide a disastrous counterpoint to the notable advances in women’s rights in this area recorded in recent years, from Argentina to South Korea, as well as from Mexico to Thailand, even if more than 40% of women in the world still live under the yoke of particularly restrictive laws.

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Such a decline by the United States would add, it is true, to a methodical offensive coming from the ranks of the Republicans against the rights of minorities, whether sexual or ethnic. It targets in particular a theory that has remained confidential for a long time, the critical race theory, which analyzes racism as a particularly resilient system.

The attack on Roe vs. Wade, which an indisputable majority of Americans would like to see maintained, proves that the conservative hardening, by its magnitude, produces effects much more devastating than those attributed to wokism, the radical progressivism that conservatives of all stripes, as if seized by a holy jitters, wave constantly like a red rag.

The assault on women’s freedoms certainly provides a powerful campaign message to the Democratic camp just months before the midterm elections. But above all, it will further deepen the divisions of a country engaged in a veritable internal cold war.

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